After the Fact: Ignored Health Care Points

Perhaps it’s the absence of a floundering website. Or perhaps it’s the government hitting its goal in enrollments. Whatever the reason may be, the health care debate has long left the national spotlight. Surpassed by missing planes and electoral upsets, it seems Obamacare has entered the coveted annals known only by the likes of the Macarena and shrinky-dinks. Okay maybe its not that bad. And maybe I just wanted to use the word annal in a sentence. But rest assured, Obamacare will once again resurface just as soon as an innocent glitch can be exploited to exhaustion by Republicans. Until then here are a few facts I noticed were decidedly absent from the whole of the health care debate:

1. Bankruptcy due to medical bills

France – 0
Japan – 0
Germany – 0
Netherlands – 0
Canada – 0
Switzerland – 0
United States – 700,000 per year

2. Health Care spending as a percentage of GDP

France – about 10%
Germany – about 11%
Japan – about 8%
Canada – about 10%
United States – about 17%

3. Germany, Japan, etc. practice the Bismarck Model. This type of health care utilizes private non-profit insurance companies. That’s private. Not socialized.

4. Obamacare will still leave about 23 million Americans uninsured.

-credit to T.R. Reid’s The Healing of America


One thought on “After the Fact: Ignored Health Care Points

  1. Reblogged this on A Tattered Mind and commented:
    Amen to this! For the most part the issue of universal health care has wondered off of the front pages of news papers and is now, quite literally yesterday’s news. That is for most people. But what about the 23 million Americans, myself included, that are still left without coverage? And what about the 9100 patients in Texas alone that will die every 3 – 6 months because they don’t have access to the health care that they need?

    For us this is not just a matter of political opinion. Not at all. For us it is the difference between survival and death in many cases. At best it’s a determining factor of quality of life.

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